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We generally meet in a private room in a pub/restaurant (see here for where we currently meet). As such, we may not all be able to sit together. So, we will split up into small groups to talk (unless the Secretary has something to say!).

If you are new, please make an effort to join in - you will find us friendly with (generally) lots to say. But we may not notice you unless you make yourself known. We are not ignoring you.

Smokers are welcomed but they have to go outside to smoke - sorry, but that's the law.

Club nights start at around 8:00. If you get there earlier, please be patient - we will be there soon.

We meet every two weeks. Click on the “Meeting Dates” button on the right to get the next meeting dates.

 Chat is not always about motorcycles. But, if you want to know something or feel you have some comments to make, please do so. You will get informed and creative answers.